Jornadas: Feministid tulevad kell kolm/ Las feministas llegan a las tres


Wednesday, 24.11.2010
17.00 – 20.00 workshop «We Build Sisterhood!»
(in English. Please note that there is no more space left to participate!)
Tallinn University, room M 648 (Uus-Sadama5)
Malin Gustavsson (Finland)
Gender equality, feminism, discussions about sexual harrassament and particular attempts to talk about mens violence against women are often met by heavy resistance. This resistance differs depending on who you are, where you are and when you choose to point out inequalities.
To continuously have to defend oneself can be frustrating. This workshop highlights every day techniques that individuals and groups can use in order to empower themselves and each other to create a more constructive dialogue.
20.45 – 21.45 video screening «Preoccupation» (FemLink)
(English subtitles)
Thursday, 25.11.2010
10.00 – 14.00 conference «Kelle probleem on naistevastane vägivald? / Whose concern is violence against women? «
(, registration by
Mustpeade Maja, Pikk tn 26
White Ribbon Award by Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable
17.00 – 20.00 workshop «Feminist Self Defense»
(in English. Please note that there is no more space left to participate!)
Tallinn University, room T 314 (Narva mnt 25)
Milla Ahola (Finland)
Practical workshop for women and trans, with mental, verbal and physical self defense. Including games and role-play
Additional information:
20.45 – 21.45 video screening «Fragility» (FemLink)
(English subtitles)
Friday, 26.11.2010
17.00 – 20.00 workshop «Empowerment and Basic Self-esteem»
(in English. Please note that there is no more space left to participate!)
Tallinn University, room M 648 (Uus-Sadama5)
Maite Sarrió Catalá (Spain)
20.45 – 21.45 video screening «Resistance» (FemLink)
(English subtitles)
Saturday, 27.11.2010
11.00 – 17.00 FEMINAR
(translation into Estonian, registration needed (registration till 22.11.2010 by e-mail feministidtulevad(at)
Tallinn Hall, Tallinn University, room M 218 (Uus-Sadama5)
Thematic books and tickets for party «Written on the Body» (27.11) for sale! Cash only! Regarding the tickets – please be sure to bring exact amount!
Schedule of the feminar:
11.00 – 11.25 Zakia Khan (Sweden)
«Ain’t I a woman? – the campaign for undocumented women’s right to protection.»
11.25 – 11.45 Dagmar Kase (Estonia)
«Feminism and Women’s Liberation – Violence in the Space of Meanings»
11.45 – 11.50 Q & A
11.50 – 12.30 Prof. Jorunn Økland (Norra, video-conference)
12.30 – 12.35 Q & A, break
12.35 – 13.15 Liina Siib (Estonia)
«Representation of a Woman as a Victim and as an Executor of Violence.»
13.15 – 13.25 Q & A, break
13.25 – 14.05 Mari Angeles Bustamente Ruano (Spain)
«Sexual Harrasment, an Obstacle for Achievement of The Human Rights in a Working Place.»
14.05 – 14.45 Q & A, discussion, lunch break
14.45 – 15.25 Prof. dr. Gloria Wekker (Netherlands)
«By any means necessary. Women resisting Violence.»
15.25 – 15.40 Q & A, discussion, break
15.40 – 16.00 Anna-Maria Penu (Estonia / Spain)
«What it Means to Talk in Mother Tongue in a Father’s House on Fatherland? Thoughts about Womens’ Self-violence»
16.00 – 16.10 Q & A, discussion, break
16.10 – 16.50 Nanna Lüth (Germany)
«Creative-theoretical Research about Sexism / Racism in Advertisment.»
Moderator Anna-Maria Penu
18.00 – 20.30 video screening «Our Dreams and Our Freedom» (Petra Innanen (Finland), Dagmar Kase (Estonia), Ingrida Picukane (Latvia), Heidi Romo (Finland), Liina Siib (Estonia),
Rut Suso and Maria Pavon (Spain),
Anna-Stina Treumund (Estonia);
English subtitles) + discussion with the artists.
Discussion with Petra Innanen (Finland), Ingrida Picukane (Latvia), Heidi Romo (Finland), Liina Siib (Estonia) and Anna-Stina Treumund (Estonia).
Moderators Dagmar Kase and Anna-Maria Penu
22.00 – … party «Written on the Body».
März project space, Olevimägi 7
Music: DJ-d Gulag Retro and Madle van Dyke
Tickets: 75 */ 100
Doors open at 22.00. A free welcome drink!
* Presale tickets during the feminar (11 – 17, near to the Tallinn University, Tallinn Hall, room M 218 (Uus-Sadama5)).
Sunday, 28.11.2010
15.00 – 16.30 burlesque-performance «Rebellesque from Helsinki»
Kanuti Gildi saal, Pikk tn 20
17.00 – 18.00 discussion with burlesque-artists (Bettie Blackheart, Kiki Hawaiji, Tinker Bell, Bent Van Der Bleu ja Frank Doggenstein from Finland).
Kanuti Gildi saal
Moderator Dagmar Kase
Please refer to the Facebook Feministid tulevad kell kolm for more details.
Additional info: Dagmar Kase ( and Anna-Maria Penu (

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